I am an author, psychotherapist, spiritual mentor and "Renaissance healer", living and working in the Princeton, NJ area. I teach Integral Qigong, Tai Chi + Yoga Hatha. My collection of sacred poetry, "Snapshots in Eternity: Stitching Together the Four Corners of Existence" is available through this website,  

also Amazon. 

During this "in-between" time of Corona

(COVID-19) virus quarantine and unprecedented social, economic and political disruption on Planet Earth (and until the website is fully operational), I am offering the following services via remote (video) technology, as well as in-person sessions on a limited basis.

- Psychotherapy

- Qigong + Tai Chi

- Mindfulness Training

- Sound Healing

- Shamanic Soul Integration



Website continues to be


just as Planet Earth is also


during this unprecedented time of transformation on every level.


Check back very soon, as early as JULY 31, 2020, for updates and additions.

Reality can be reasonably messy and non-linear, so it's likely up to us to begin to get more used to that. These are good times to be cultivating our contemplative skills: meditation, physical yoga, qigong + Tai Chi, bicycling, running, walking, any sort of communing with nature, study of sacred scriptures, cultivating our vegetable gardens and other delights. The blog feature is up and running, so check that out and leave your comments. In the meantime, remember that diligent use of your own Awareness (Spirit, Mind, Higher Self, whatever is your preferred term) is the key to your happiness and satisfaction in this Life! Tend to your Vibration and all that you need can come your way.  

Send an email with any questions.

Sat Nam + see you again very soon!!!


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