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You will be more effective to the degree that you focus your attention on what you want, as distinguished from what you don't want.

You will be happier to the extent that you deliberately think happy feeling thoughts.

You will be happy when you recognize that everything depends upon what your awareness is doing.

While being alive in a human body, there's no such thing as not being aware of something. And the key to happiness and inner harmony is to be aware of the "right thing", where the "right thing" is anything that causes you to FEEL GOOD, without any harm being caused to any part of you or anything external to you, in that FEELING GOOD.

In this dimension which we will call "reality", there will always be "things" that you consider to be bad and undesirable. Therefore, don't attempt to to directly get rid of that which is undesirable, as such. That will indeed only serve to contribute to perpetuating that bad unwanted "thing". As Abraham (Abraham-Hicks) and many others have said, when you know what you don't want, you get clearer on what you do want. It will occur that you will see examples of what you don't want; this is inevitable in "reality". As such, it isn't a problem. The trick is to direct your attention to what you do want as quickly as possible and keep keeping it there. To the extent that you actually manage to do this, you will see and feel it working. The Law of Attraction is the operative mechanism here.

Despite what you may think, you are are an important and essential aspect of "reality". What you are doing, how you are "vibrating", does in fact have an effect on the overall picture. Don't take my word for it, but conduct your own experiment. Conduct many of them. Test this out. Remember though to really be doing the experiment, realizing that it may take some time. Or at least more time than 45 minutes or even a day. But, you should see results once you're ACTUALLY doing it, "it" being earnest sincere effort to direct your attention to things that make you FEEL GOOD!

I've heard Rev. Karen Kushner say, "There's no such thing as private GOOD." Perhaps she heard that from Ernest Holmes or elsewhere in the Science of Mind world. Anyway, she knows where she came across this idea. It's another way of expressing the idea that the Universe is ONE THING, a completely interconnected totality, in which every part has some effect on every other part.

If you find yourself profoundly upset and disturbed about the depth of institutional, systemic racial inequality and injustice in United States (+ elsewhere), you want it to change. Try to make all of your actions ( + all thoughts are actions according to my definition here) expressive of the change you want to see. As Gandhi said, "BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD!"

Be a BEACON that is continually sending out a LIGHT, in all directions, of the EQUALITY, FAIRNESS and GENEROSITY that you want. Realize you will get resistance. When that happens, return to CENTER and resume transmission of the LIGHT.

Always do the best you can (Don Miquel Ruiz's 4 Agreements: ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST).

And remember that your best varies according to many variables. When you are very upset, your best is different than when you are feeling very strong.

If you participate in protests in the streets, BE the BEACON of LOVE and INCLUSION you wish to see. Be that BEACON: to the police, to outside provocative "white supremacist" presence, and to all, inc. repressive, aspects of local, state and federal government, all the way up to the current ineffective self-centered "leader" of this country. Only when you're not putting anybody out of your Heart can you be beaming out vibrations of Harmony and Inclusion.

Keep breathing deeply. Continue doing your Qigong. Keep your mantra going. Keep being the YOGA you practice. Keep praying for divine guidance (which is always inclusive). Continue doing your practice of ALIGNING WITH SOURCE, the SOURCE that is ever within you AS YOUR OWN TRUEST ESSENCE. Keep knowing the TRUTH, which is that all those who oppose you, as incompetent, biased and unawakened as they may seem, are also doing the best they can with the their current understanding. Know that they too really only want to be happy in this world.

Oppose injustice. Speak "power to power". Be firm. Shout out if you have to. But always keep LOVE in your HEART for ALL beings, including the ones you don't like.


And remember, the Sun rises again tomorrow morning!

See you soon!!!

(Editorial Note: The current pandemic has a more devastating effect on underprivileged poorer segments of US population, ie. urban black communities. This was not covered above, but is oh so unfortunately sad and true!!!)

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