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Even if Ernest Holmes hadn't written his book THE SCIENCE OF MIND, and his other books and talks, it would still be true that you can harness the awesome unlimited power deep within your mind, to make improvements in your life and to your world. Even if Ralph Waldo Emerson hadn't written the essays he wrote, it would still be true that you can come to feel and sense the essence of those ideas yourself, on the way to becoming a happier, more creative, more generous person. Even if Lao Tzu hadn't written down those 81verses when he was heading out away from civilization, it would still be true that the invisible essence of those verses would be available to you to utilize in a positive way to uplift yourself and others.

Even if Hafiz, the Persian Sufi mystic poet, hadn't managed to get the rivers of liquid poetry that flowed through him written down, or if Daniel Ladinsky had somehow not managed to get Hafiz's treasures translated and rendered so masterfully as he has, it would still be true that that Magic would somehow continue to be available to be "caught" by you on a special afternoon in the woods or mountains, to transform your existence into musical connectedness and sacred laughter.

We're not meaning to minimize any of these people, Holmes, Emerson, Lao Tzu, Hafiz, Ladinsky, or any of the myriad other brilliant lights that have gone before. Rather, we're meaning to maximize you,

the reader, and the power inherent in the deliberate use of your thinking, of your consciousness, to make your world a better, more pleasing and joyful world.

So, I invite you now to direct your attention to your attention, to be aware of the fact that you're aware, to make a decision to become more intentional with your thinking apparatus, and to begin thinking thoughts that cause you to feel joyful delight, that threaten to get you up on your dancing feet as you become the lyrical lilting music you hear being played inside or out. I invite you to sense for even a moment that you have access to an imagination, your very own, which can be utilized in such a way as to vastly, significantly and immediately begin to improve the conditions in your life that you would like to have improved and upgraded.

This power is ALWAYS with us, and since the word "always" has only one meaning, this magnificent power of creation is with us right now, this very moment. Let us become aware of what we're thinking and begin to regularly turn this thinking in a direction that pleases us, one that makes our tail wag, just like your dog's tail, when she sees you returning home.

If there really is just One Mind, as so many have pointed out, let us use this Mind in such a way as to begin creating a better world for ourselves, our loved ones and community, yea the entire planet, this very moment, especially as we realize that this very Moment goes on and on forever.

This is the very best of times on Earth, as our hungry, thirsty planet is calling out for all those who appreciate love, dance, music, laughter, great sex, and wholesome creative expressions of integrity, inclusivity, harmonious solutions and wholesome healing of humanity's multiple traumas that have been inflicted on itself and the planet. It's time to begin COMING HOME to a future of humankind acting toward itself the way the healthy body acts toward an accidental wound. The right hand can never declare war on the left, and the (healthy) body always works as an integrated unit of intelligent wholesome design.

All hands on deck. You've heard the call. You feel its rightness in your bones. Guided by your wise, intuitive HeartMind, you and all of us are now ready and eager to lean forth into a brave new world that is beckoning from within the very next breath. Yes, I know this missive is woefully lacking in many details and important aspects, but, what do you expect from a short blog post deep in the early part of the 21st century on the third planet out from the Central Sun?

Further instructions will come from many directions, known and unknown, including but not limited to, a combination of computers, skillful balancing of science and intuition, hoards of our children, the voices of indigenous peoples from all latitudes, an outpouring of leadership by multitudes of women showing the way, and a cacophony of all the plants and trees and wild animals from all the lands and oceans. We're all in this together and it's going to be fun party!!!

Be diligent with your attention, and keep remembering that the only time is RIGHT NOW.

Your mantra: "All of my needs are being met, and everything is always working out for me!"

Plus, everyone and everything on Earth is on the same team!!!

Oh, I forgot to announce a future blog entry or poem:


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