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This World is a Hodgepodge

(Do Not Be Fooled By The Title)


Everything is perfectly itself, without exception.


When that is deeply realized and completely embodied,

in such a way that this recognition permeates everywhere in your mind and in your world,

you will be,

and feel,

joyful equanimity without limit.


This is that which begins not, and never ends.


Everything, all of it,

is moving at once,

and in complete concert!


It pauses not,

even in the deepest stillness.


It rejoices itself,

shares itself,

laughs aloud,

and nourishes all who partake.


May all of us take note of such,

even as we may be faltering,

even if we may be fearing

separation from the Great Tao!


The hidden secret to having all you want

is blessing all you have.


The clearest way into the Universe

is through a forest wilderness in your back yard.


In the end, language is flimsy.

Do not mistake the pointing finger for the Moon.

All these words are the pointing finger.


There is truly nothing to do.


nothing to not do.

No refraining.

No reaching forth.


You have never been far from Now.

It is so close,

you cannot be apart.


The full recognition will dawn from within,

as you persist without effort.


Pay attention to the attention.

Be aware of awareness itself.


No expression is the final.


You can never be other than what you are.


Feel into the center of the dot.


Expand outward beyond the perimeter.


Thus, be still.


Sit still.


Sit not at all,

but open into the vast Emptiness, Shunyata,

that moves in every direction.


Do so in the center, the essence of all motion.


Become what is already Present.


BE what you are before the First Thought.

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