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You are Karuna in this time of Corona

You are a timeless, spaceless individualization of Life.

You are Karuna, the boundless compassion of a Bodhisattva, in this time of Corona.

You are the Unbounded Mind of Truth being given a fresh starting point, a unique beginning.

You are the trust in yourself you need to accomplish this.

You are the permission that allows your WILD RIVER to flow.

You are the germination of your own amazing expression in this world.

You are the contemplation of Infinity that opens the sky.

You are the ideas of Source Energy sprouting as the untrodden

wildflower fields in high mountain meadows.

You are virgin springs of clear water gushing forth to quench your own thirst.

You are Consciousness giving birth to a boldly novel expression of Itself.

You are the only recognition that is needed by the township planning board. You are your own stamp of approval.

You are discernment, Viveka, that pierces the balloon of shame and doubt.

You are the enthusiasm of unprecedented unity among all people on Earth.

You are the Earth Mother smiling as her children are

cleaning up the mess they have made on her surface.

You are the dissolver of fear.

You are the alchemical furnace that liberates ALL HUMAN BEINGS

from their self-imposed smallness.

You are Wisdom and Love that reveal the ways of RECONCILIATION.

Your ideas reign supreme as they blossom into untold blessings.

Your power to dissolve your negative habitual tendencies continually increases.

Your inspiration to take effective skillful action transforming the climate crisis


You are the same Mind that expressed through Harriet Tubman, Ernest Holmes,

Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Siddhartha Gautama, Guru Nanak, Mirabai.

You are the intuitive knowing that removes obstacles from your path.

You are the brilliant clarity that supports others in knowing their truth.

You are the cherry tree that doesn't ask permission to blossom.

You are the Light of this world.

You are the Infinite, particularized as you.

You are the daffodils that never hesitate once their time has come.

You are cheerfully creating an amazing life of your dreams.

You are an outlet of Divine Love and Seva into this dimension.

You are a locus of creative expression ever increasing.

You are living the life of joyful service you came here to live.


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