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“What is That, which, when known, everything else becomes known?” Poet, psychotherapist, spiritual mentor and “Renaissance healer”, Jeffrey Starbuck’s first volume of collected poetry masterfully weaves together “the four corners of existence” as it uncovers the common thread of truth -- that “unrecorded yet definite resonance” -- running through all the world’s sacred traditions.

By translating, integrating and synthesizing the deepest spiritual and psychological truths, this collection draws the reader, listener, friend, student into an odyssey to decipher and appreciate the essential 

             “strum of existence.”                                                        


The poems in this volume are superbly crafted in both the language and the visual message carried within each poem’s unique design. 

Jeffrey Starbuck has been richly influenced by his associations with Amma, “the hugging saint,” and also with David LaChapelle, the spiritual teacher and author.

Mr. Starbuck was given the Sanskrit name “Ramdas” by Brahmananda Saraswati (Dr. Ramamurti Mishra), the founder of Ananda Ashram. “Ram” is a name of God, while “das” generally is translated as “servant.” Servant of God. 


The collection includes fifty-two poems, supported and explicated with Mr. Starbuck’s eloquent prose in the Introduction and the Notes. 

Pure joy to read!


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